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Post Color/Lightening Care

At Muse we aren't simply trying to sell you products, we want to educate you on what is best for your hair post service.  When you spend good money on your hair  to create a beautiful color, don't you want to care for it and have it remain shiny, healthy and do whatever it takes to prolong the color you just paid for?  We are here to help make that happen.  

Blond Hair Care

Blond Absolu is formulated with hyluronic acid and edelweiss flower, both ingredients known for strengthening and repairing properties, perfect for protecting blonde hair. Blond Absolu hair care collection is the best hair care solution for all blonde hair. Neutralize brassiness, remove unwanted yellow color tones and deeply nourish and repair damaged hair from chemical processing and bleaching hair.


Colored Hair Care

Chroma Absolu hair care collection is about restoring acid care for all color treated hair. Inspired by skincare and powered by three ultra-caring acids and active ingredients, it protects and strengthens all colored hair and all colored hair textures from fine, to medium to thick hair.  Hair color lasts longer, with less frizz and more radiant shine. Ideal for all hair colors from brunette, dark brunette, black hair, pink hair, blue hair, rainbow hair, red hair, copper hair, auburn hair, strawberry blonde hair, and the list goes on. Preserve the color intensity of salon colored hair and repair any damage from coloring with Chroma Absolu.

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